• Hydration

    Electrolyte treats help replenish lost electrolytes due to sweating during exercise, promoting hydration and encouraging water intake.

  • Cold/Hot Weathers

    In hot and cold conditions, horses lose electrolytes through sweat even at rest. Electrolyte treats aid in preventing dehydration and maintaining electrolyte balance in such weather, promoting overall health and well-being.

  • Performance

    By restoring electrolyte balance, these treats support muscle function during intense exercise, potentially enhancing performance and reducing fatigue and cramping.

Our Story

As horse owners and medical providers, we wanted more out of our traditional horse treats. We were having issues with our horses not drinking during cold spells and picky water drinkers which led to some of our horses tying up an even colicing.  We wanted an easy way to help our horses "want" to hydrate and to help them with muscle recovery post workout. We were making sugar cubes for treats and decided to add electrolytes to them for our horses which increased their water intake and helped with overall recovery and performance.  Our fellow riders and competitors that utilized our shared homemade product wanted to know where to purchase our electrolyte cubes and a new product was developed.   Our proprietary formula incorporates electrolytes in small quantities into an established treat of sugar cubes with a goal to help to encourage hydration

Is it Safe?

Developed with our FEI Veterinarian and now manufactured in a pharmaceutical factory in the USA. Every cube has the exact amount of ingredients since it is human pharmaceutical grade and is 100% show safe.

 How many is safe for my horse per day?

Size of Horse by Pounds Max Quantity Per Day
Up to 300 lbs 1-3 cubes/day
300-900 lbs 4-8 cubes/day
900-1200 lbs 8-12 cubes/day
1200+ lbs 12-16 cubes/day