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Electrolytes Cubes that Horses LOVE!

We wanted an easy way to help our horses "want" to hydrate and to help them with muscle recovery post workout. We made sugar cubes for treats and decided to add electrolytes to them for our horses which increased their water intake and helped with overall recovery and performance.

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  • Kaitlin Hartford 

    "My horse is super picky but absolutely loves these treats! They live in my tack trunk for shows and we keep some at home too! These are great for horses who aren’t great at drinking and just as good treat!"

  • Paige Montague

    "I recently discovered your treats and I’m so glad I did! I have a very hard time getting my intermediate event horse to drink while competing and traveling. I give her one of these and she immediately takes a big drink. Thank you!!"

  • Charlotte Merle-Smith 

    "I love these treats and so does my horse! Now when I give my horse a treat I am not just rewarding her for her good behavior, I am also helping her beat the Florida heat! This is such an awesome thing!!"


What are Electrolyte Chews?

Electrolyte Chews are a cold compressed dextrose cube (like a large Altoid) that horses love as a reward with the added benefit of electrolytes. The electrolytes formula developed by our medical director and horse nutritionist are specifically made for horses and help to increase water intake and to provide muscle recovery to improve performance.

Why does my horse need it?

Your horse should eat electrolyte treats for several reasons:

  1. Hydration: Electrolyte treats replenish lost electrolytes from sweating during exercise, helping to maintain hydration levels and encourage water intake.
  2. Performance: By restoring electrolyte balance, these treats support muscle function during intense exercise, potentially improving performance and reducing fatigue and cramping.
  3. Hot Weather: In hot conditions, horses lose electrolytes through sweat even at rest. Electrolyte treats aid in preventing dehydration and maintaining electrolyte balance, promoting overall health and well-being.

Are Electrolyte Chews safe for my horse?

Yes, they are meant to be given at times of exercise and stress when your horse most needs them most. The Electrolyte Support Chews do not replace a current electrolyte program in place.

How many is safe for my horse to eat?

  • Up to 300lb: 1-3 Chews Per Day
  • 300-900lbs: 4-8 Chews Per Day
  • 900-1200lbs: 8-12 Chews Per Day
  • 1200lbs+: 12-16 Chews Per Day
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