Hydration and health

Hydration and health

We cannot stress enough the importance of hydration in our horses and how they feel and perform. We LOVE receiving emails and Facebook messages about how our products have helped horses and donkeys to increase hydration, that is what we are ALL ABOUT and makes starting this small business worth it!

This is a email we reviewed from a desperate mini donkey owner that made our day!! Thank you so much for sharing.....he is the Cutest!!

I just wanted to take a moment to send you guys an email... These electrolyte cubes have been an absolute LIFE SAVER... My mini donkey did not like to drink water hardly at all, causing him to stay dehydrated and needing fluids... My local tack shop sells them, and I figured "why not?" I have tried just about everything... However, THESE WORK!! He gets one in the mornings and will drink nearly TWO ENTIRE buckets of water now. It is mind boggling to me. We will continue to give these to him every morning. I just wanted to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart because we are truly thankful for the Funky Unicorn. 

Morgan Murphy,
Clemson University Animal sciences

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